Oil Less Door Closer 80 Kg

Product Code : MDC-03

Unique Specification
Available for Right/Left opened doorNice solid Aluminum casePrevents the gate to close suddenly has the bangSpeed Adjustment functionDesigned for Metal / wood and other doorsRecommanded installation for door weight 70 kg
Unique Features
This Door Closer is tested 1,000,000 CyclesDoor can hold on 90 degrees angleNo need of Door StopperThis door Closer is for Doors up to 70 kgsSuitable for any door with Push/Pull and Right/Left handThis door closer is filled up with gas,so no worries of oil leakage and the appearance of oil contaminationThe max angle allowed to open the door is 117°Strength when opening is 4-4.5 KG for small doors and The tension will be reduced as the size of the door gets decreases for 1000 mm doors force will be around 20-25 newtons